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VIP Elli King pictured above

Texted Mya about 10 days in advance to set up appointment and gave her my TER number, handle, and white list referrals. We exchanged several texts and a phone call when it got closer to the date of my appointment. On the day of the appointment, I texted her to confirm and she gave me an intersection to go to. Once there I called and she gave me directions directly to her apartment.

Mya answered the door in a robe and once in she kissed me on the lips and gave me a hug, the robe opened up to revel a beautiful body with perfect enhanced breast. Mya is an attractive, tiny, ebony women. She had music playing and her apartment was nicely decorated and clean. I laid the donation on the table and she lead me to her bedroom and said get comfortable. Non VIP's she is a once in a life time ebony provider you should not pass up if you have the chance. VIP's read on for the sexy details....


I spotted mya I was immediately intrigued, I reached out via text message and she responded promptly. I sent over my screening information and she let me know I was good to go for the day and time I selected.

When I get to her in, I was very satisfied to see a petite shapely woman to greet me at the door wearing a fantastic smile they brightened my whole entire day.


Mya has been on my radar for some time. The few times' I've been to Chicago on business, we missed each other. I was happy our schedules were able to align this time. And it was worth the wait

Mya showed up in a nice outfit the showed off her assets. She's a slim girl, but nicely proportioned. Her twins were popping out, and her ass was on full display. Upon entering my room, she gave me a DFK with lots of groping. It only got better from there. After changing clothes, we took care of business, and got down to action.

Mya is a lot of fun and worth the effort to see. I would repeat with confidence!


I took a couple vacation days for myself and decided to have some fun. Mya’s ad on Eros immediately caught my attention when I discovered she was visiting the same city as I was. I quickly scrolled through her reviews and after not finding a single negative review I reached out to her via P411. Mya was very prompt in her response time and after a few back and forth messages we set up a day and time to meet up.

When the day arrived I checked into my hotel room and patiently awaited Mya’s arrival a couple hours later. Mya walked through my door wearing a sexy black cocktail dress that hugged her small, curvy figure. It’s always a great feeling whenever the beautiful woman from the online photos actually IS the same beautiful woman you meet in person. No bait and switch here, gentlemen.

She closed the door, calmly strolled over to me, and greeted me with a long DFK. Needless to say it didn’t take long before things heated up.

Non-VIP’s, please do yourself a favor and spend some time with Mya. VIP’s read on for the rest…


"I was in Chicago and in need of a chocolate fix. Usually slim pickings in a great hobbying city but MM jumped right out. Contact was easy and professional. She arrived right in time, dressed subtly yet smoking hot and with a beautiful smile on her face. JACKPOT! This lady is stunningly hot with an amazing body. She's a keeper and I'll see her for sure when I'm back!" 


       "I had seen something on Mya and had made a note to contact her next time I got to Chicago. I got a very pleasant surprise when I was doing some research for a recent trip to Philly, as up popped ads on TER and P411. Mya was very responsive to my meeting request and pleased with all the information I provided. Communication up and through our meeting was great. I also found that she tells it like it is. I had offered in or outcall and she decided to come to me, our hotels being at most a 10-15 minute walk. I think she prefers outcall in her home of Chicago. I suggested she dress casual and she did. She brought some shoes and lingerie, but it never made it out of her bag. She protested, but I insisted on walking her back, since it was evening and we settled on as far as when she could see her hotel. Mya's pictures are spot on and I loved just looking at her in all her naked glory. Can't wait to get to Chicago this summer. " 

        "Setup was easy. Arrived to her incall late (completely my fault), but she was super cool about it. I was just about to knock on the door when her friend Desire opened it. She had just arrived and had stopped in to see Mya. Mya was standing behind the door, and let me tell you she is a complete knockout. Perfect petite body with a gorgeous face and warm smile. Desire closed the door and Mya immediately planted a long, wet, awesome DFK on me. Gentlemen, she redefines GFE. She was so much more than what I was anticipating. Perhaps YMMV, but I know that I will see her any time we are in the same town. "


           "Set up was great. I like to do everything via PMs and email, and Mya was always prompt in getting back to me. I like to schedule in advance due to my work, and Mya was very helpful in letting me know her travel plans. When she finalized a date, she messaged me the details and were officially booked. Met at a upscale hotel downtown (wish more providers would stay downtown) at the planned time. Walked in to see a stunning beauty in front of me and proceeded to have one of the best times ... Mya is worth the money. "  


"Was searching P411 and came across Mya's ad. I've had my eye on this chick for a long time now. Tried to hookup with her once before, but plans didn't materialize. Sent her a PM through P411, but communications were slow. Decided to text her a couple days prior to her visit and before you knew it the appointment was made. Received her a confirming text morning of our date and shortly thereafter received the hotel location. Saturday morning, arrived at her luxury hotel in DuPont Circle and then text her for room number. Made my way up to her room and gentle tapped on the door. Door slowly opened as I made my way into paradise. As I entered the room, I was greeted by a beautiful lady who looked exactly like her photos. I mean, this chick is drop dead gorgeous! Mya was wearing a snug fitting short black dress with front cutouts and boots, and she looked absolutely gorgeous! Mya is an extremely beautiful African-American woman with a petite figure, beautifully enhanced breasts (36 DD's) and an extremely beautiful face. Mya also has an extremely pleasant personality, which made me feel very comfortable. She looked super sexy and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her hot body. After introductions, I give her a small gift that I had brought for her, and I receive a big kiss that said thank you. We then made our way towards the bed as we exchanged pleasantries. For non-VIP's...Mya is true GFE/PSE and I highly recommend."


"I’ve wanted to meet Mya for some time and when I read her post on TER recently it was now time to act. She provides her phone number and I elected to send her a text expressing my desire to get acquainted the following afternoon, along with my P-411 info. Mya response was quick and looked forward in meeting as well stating she liked my profile I had written on P-411. The following morning she text her address along with easy instructions on parking and entry to her private in-call. Mya texted when I was about 3 minutes out saying that the door will be open when I arrive. A little nervousness and anticipation as I approached the front door I spotted Mya at the top of the stairs in a sexy and revealing one piece bodysuit. With the nervousness now gone and the anticipation growing by the second, I reach the top of the stairs and was greeted with a wonderful DFK…the fun begins. Recommend and look forward to another visit."


"I contacted Mya a few days before my trip to Chicago. We set up all the details through P411 beforehand, so screening was quick and easy. I had visited her website (which is VERY well done) but the photos there were nothing compared to the way she looked when she greeted me at the door of her upscale location near O'Hare. I will definitely repeat! " 


      "I'd been trying to hook up with Mya since last summer, but we never could get our schedules to align. Finally found an afternoon that worked for both of us, and I met her at her incall near O'Hare. If you love spending time with hot & sexy African-American providers like I do, make sure you see Mya!" 


           "I have known Mya for over a year and saw her frequently in Dallas before she left for Chicago. I happened to have some business in the windy city, so I invited her over one night to my hotel. She arrived on time and dressed very professionally in a dress. We met at the hotel bar, and she looked great. I caught several other guys checking out her ass when she walked by.
She had a drink and we talked briefly. I closed the tab and we went upstairs. Then the real fun started . . . "

         "I did quite a bit of research before I decided to go with Mya. I checked out all her reviews and couldn't find one bad thing said about her, so I finally decided to reach out to her. We exchanged a few emails and agreed on a day and time. We spoke on the phone a couple nights before and felt a chemistry with her right away.

The day finally came and I was still a little uneasy, because it was my first time participating in the hobby. Mya gave mer perfect directions to her location and as soon as I walked through the door I knew without a doubt I make the right choice picking Mya........
Non-VIPs...I without a doubt recommend Mya. "



  "Mya was visiting Pittsburgh, is newbie friendly and really hot so I decided to try and set up an appointment with her. She responded quickly and we were ready to go for the next day. We started our session late because of my newbie stupidity. Luckily she was very accommodating and everything went off without a hitch. I showed up at her room and she open the door wearing a sexy bra, panties and thigh high stockings. She is one hot little package. She invited me in, gave me a nice kiss and it was on. " " 


  "I've seen Mya a few times now and each time is awesome. She is a totally hot little ebony spinner that really knows how to make you forget that it is a service. She is definitely one of my ATFs and I really hope that she expands her touring range so I can see her again very soon in the future. Setup was super easy because of our established relationship and she was extremely accommodating of my somewhat hectic schedule; agreeing to see me past her normal hours. Mya is super hot, with big plump lips and a smoking little body. It had been over a year since our last meeting so I forgot how tiny she was, and more specifically what amazing breasts she has along with what has to be one of the most spectacular asses out there. She greeted me at the door of her upscale incall like a long separated lover. VIPs read on... " 


      "I do not do this often, but i like to browse and i have seen Mya's ads for a while now and finally decided i neededd to do more than browse around this girl. Her demanor seems service oriented and her words reassured me i would find a girl who truly paid attention to my needs and what i wanted in a hot time. I gave her a call one evening and she answered with a pleasant hello, sweet but assertive voice over the phone. I told her that i did not think i had the info she needed in her screening but i was very impressed and really wanted to spend some time with her. She asked me a few questions, name, job, etc, and we chatted for quite a while. We kept in touch for a couple of weeks before i got to town. When the day finally came she showed up exceeding my expectations, and i knew i was in for a time i would never forget. " 


       "My apologies as this review is long overdue but none the less, very deserving. I've had the pleasure of meeting up with Mya on a few different occasions in both Dallas and Chicago. She is a fantastic provider and has a skill set and demeanor that are hard to match. She has the body of a dancer with some extra special DD's that are spectacular. Her caramel skin is adorned with some tasteful body art, her lips are full soft and they frame her beautiful teeth and that ever present smile perfectly.
As always she arrives exactly as promised. After a quick text, there is that knock on my door. All I can think of is "now it all begins"! Within seconds we're in a makeout session the likes of which most have not had since high school. But that my friends is only the appetizer. Read on for more and PLEASE put this young lady on your 2015 must see list. You'll be happy you did. "


          "I contacted Mya when I found out I would be visiting Dallas on business. I was excited when she answered the phone as most girls are hard to get a hold of. But not Mya. We arranged a time and day, and i told her i would let her know my hotel info once i arrived in Dallas. The night finally fell and Mya was on her way. I opened the door to find a beautiful, petite , and busty lovely young lady staring back at me. She walked into my hotel room and the fun began! " 


        "Was cruising the ad boards looking for some fun, saw Myas ad and then read her reviews. I was hooked and just had to get my hands on her. There was a little confusion about her visiting but to my delight she ended up coming. We set up a lunch time date as soon as she landed. I headed over to the LAX area and did not have to wait at all. She was ready before I got there and I really appreciated not having to wait. Headed up to her room and the door was ajar for me. When I stepped in she was looking so HOT in a little school girl outfit. A nice DFK at the door and the fun began...


 "Very easy set-up just over an hour before the agreed time. She actually verified me as we conversed over the phone, waiting under a minute while I emailed her my handle, ultimately getting the stamp of approval from was that quick. She is so laid back and great to talk with, making you feel very comfortable as you look forward to finally meeting her. I was not only attracted to her sexy pics, but by her stellar Reviews. Her very first time in my area, overall I was satisfied with Mya, would repeat and do recommend."


"I met found Mya through her high scores and excellent reviews on TER. From first inquiry to walking in her door, communication was efficient and timely. As I walked in her door as instructed I was met my the playmate fantasies are made of. She was dressed in a sexy black stringy outfit and her greeting told me I was about to have some intense fun for the next 90 minutes"

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  C. Providers website/ Eros AD etc 
  D. Approx last time you saw the provider & something she may remember about you


 If you have seen an escort before whom has her own website and reviews on a reputable website, you have a reference!

Contact me by first filling out my Contact form in FULL if you DO NOT have any of the above listed available to you! & I will gladly get back with you ASAP.


 Elli King 

Miami's Finest 


Sweet and classy is the best way to describe this Midwest beauty. Her alluring features are a credit to her Native American and Puerto Rican heritage.

You can expect that Elli is perfectly manicured, pedicured and smooth at all times. Every inch of her 5'7" frame is toned and tight and blessed with a perfect complexion. Some have said that coca-cola has an Elli body. 34-25-38 are the measurements of perfection and carefully maintained with a regiment of diet and exercise.

Of course the most important thing is chemistry. Midwest is known for it's hospitality and Elli's warmth, feminine touch and incredible smile will instantly make you feel like the most important person on earth....


New Doubles with Mia L"Amour 

4"11 - 95lb - 34A

Come coax your wildest fantasies of two extra petite bombshells on your side! Mya & Mia are the ultimate true bi-sexual duo that will blow your mind. Exceptionally reviewed individually and high chemistry between the two of us leaves you with a hands down once in a life time experience.

Two hot tiny women who can't get enough of the satisfaction that comes with making a man go wild with lust over our tight petite toned bodies. We are the girls you see in out on the town that you wish you were with, that you wish you knew, that you say to yourself you'd spoil rotten if she was your girlfriend... the ones you're afraid you could never attain...

Luckily being the acquired and established gentleman that you are, you can attain such a lustful far fetched dream date after all. 
It starts with a click, or a phone call.

Don't leave us waiting , and waiting we are, for you to come knocking on our door or call us to yours... until then we will keep being tight, fit, toned, sexy and making guys hard just from our sight...~

Check out Our profile on TER here.


Vip Desire

34DDD - 26 - 34  5"6 125lbs 

   The facts are undeniable...

   Mya & Desire are the perfect duo you will ever experience.

   Both a few months apart in age, and similar backgrounds made for a friendship that has survived since 2012.  Going on 6 adventurous and wonderful years of growing into our woman-hood and multiple experiences both professional and personal together.  Uniting them in a passionate affair that only two sexy sexually uninhibited best friends in the profession of professional companionship can offer.


   You won't soon meet two ladies whom are truly friends with benefits and always happy to invite a 3rd friend along for the wild ride we always have together!

   Rest assured when the two of us are together we melt snow and ice, erase the tension of uncomfortable heat! That is right! We some how have an effect on the weather! lol


I adore my best friend very much and admire her talents and struggles. Her curves are envious and I love to have her body next to mine in the most sensual of ways.

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