"It's been a while..."

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"It's been a while..." (singing in my staind voice)

 Holiday greetings have come back around! Happy Holidays, it's black Friday today, i'm not sure if I feel like dealing with the crowds and hustle and hustle of it all. Besides I already have enough cloths, shoes, furniture... but now that I think about it do want a brand new pots and pans set! Well that didn't tale long for me to think up a reason to shop... lol.

 I am looking forward to 2017 because I can't wait fo winter to be over already , it has not even began either, tsk tsk, I do feel like I need to get over to the west coast for about a week to escape the snow in Chicago. Business is usually pretty good however as the months get cold. Everyone likes to get warm and snuggly when its freezing outside. Including me :)

However as I have traveled the Midwest and east coast extensively this year I am really looking forward to exploring the west coast in 2017. Las vegas is a main destination on my radar because I have never been there before and I know it is bound to be a legendary time! I also want to get to San Francisco, I have gotten more than a few gentlemen from there sasying my presence would be appreciated and welcomed.

It's funny how I love to travel now, when I first started out I honestly thought touring was not important and unnecessary. But now that I have done it over probably 15 times, I understand the benefits touring has for a girl. The most obvious is getting to see the country and for a lot of lucky girls the world! I myself like to stay at least a couple of days to be able to get a chance to explore a few things while I'm in town.

 Another great advantage is that you get your name out to more guys around the region,  and meet people who don't get a chance to travel much or at least not to your home city. I am very proud of being an extraordinary career courtesan and I would also like to explore other countries someday as well. But when I think of some places I am a bit scared, you know they have different culture and women's rights in some places are not respected as much as in America.

 But anywho I am going to wrap this blog up and I really liked writing it. I am going to start back making sure I update my blog  more regularly, because as I have said before it is soothing to get out your thoughts and express yourself.